About us:

The association is public, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit and founded to promote and protect the rights and interests of its members, primarily in the field of regulating the transport, storage and trade of oil and petroleum products in the Montenegrin market. The association acting in the direction of eliminating administrative barriers and improving relations with local and state authorities and promoting high standards and professionalism of its members.

    The goals of the Association are:

    • To promote and represent the professional and economic interests of the members of the Association in the scope of transportation, storage and trade of oil and oil products in Montenegrin market;
    • To work on the removal and simplification of administrative barriers and procedures in the area of obtaining various approvals, procedures, licenses, approvals and other that may affect the operations of the members of the Association;
    • To promote entrepreneurship and trade based on free competition;
    • To work on the promotion and improvement of the business practices of members of the Association;
    • To initiate and participate in working groups in the area of adopting new or supplementary legal acts that may affect the operations of members of the Association;
    • To constantly work on the review of the goals of the Association, all in order to achieve the interest of membership and general social interests;
    • The Association should be affirmative and comprehensively in communication;
    • To be a recognizable actor in Montenegro in the spheres of business and trade, transport and storage of oil and petroleum products;
    • To work on expanding and gaining new membership;
    • To be a potential partner to other associations in the building of a civil society.

      The activities of the Association are:

      • To take views on issues of interest to members of the Association to represent those attitudes and interests in front of their members in front of relevant state bodies, other persons or in the public GOV and NGO organizations;  
      • To provide services to its members and external persons by providing information and legislative changes that may affect the future work of its members;
      • To participate and initiate the necessary legislative changes that will influence the creation of the better business environment in the operations of its members;
      • To maintain good relations with the state authorities of Montenegro, as well as with foreign associations;
      • To work on achieving cooperation with business entities, governmental and non-governmental sectors on improving safety, health protection and environmental protection;
      • To monitor regional and EU directives in the field of transport, storage and trade in oil and petroleum products;
      • To initiate and participate in regional and international cooperation of close associations;
      • To represent its members in international associations and conferences;
      • To realize bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation, in accordance with the regulations of the state of Montenegro and this Statute;
      • To monitor the activities of members in respect of compliance with the rules of honor, professional conscience and ethical standards, while raising the value and dignity of professional work and profession in their work and through the activities of the association;
      • To carry out other activities that will have a bearing on the better functioning and economic interests of its members.

      SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (April – May 2020)

      As socially responsible companies, all members of UNKCG have taken preventive measures to protect their employees, business partners and customers from the spread of CORONA virus (Covid-19), and three of them donated € 27,000 EUR. Appreciating the exceptional efforts made by the Montenegrin health system in preventing the spread of Corona virus, Company Kalamper Ltd donated € 20,000 EUR to the National Coordination Body for Combating Infectious Diseases, Company Hifa Oil CG ltd € 5,000 EUR, and company Avio Petrol ltd € 2,000 EUR.

        The total number of employed persons in 2018 (all UNKCG members)


        Total investments in Montenegro in 2018 / EUR (all UNKCG members total)

        €  8,371,151.00

         Turnover in 2018 / EUR (all members of UNKCG)

        €  81,022,646.00

        Annual taxes and excises in 2018 / EUR (all members of UNKCG)

        €  9,584,034.00

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        BMB 95 / liters


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        The Association of Oil Companies of Montenegro, or short AOCOM

        Address: Bracana Bracanovića 49, 81000 Podgorica

        e-mail: info@unkcg.me


        PIB: 11004202

        Account: 510-92257-10

          President of UNKCG, Mr. Elvir Kalamperović

          UNKCG Vice-President, Mr. Đorđije Klikovac

          UNKCG Secretary General, Mr. Boris Spalevic

          UNKCG Senior Adviser, Mr. Deda Nikprelevic

          UNKCG Senior Adviser, Mr. Milijan Samarđžić